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Hairstyles That Can Actually Make You Look Skinnier

As a woman, we love to experiment with our hairstyles a lot. What if there is a possibility that your hairstyles can actually make you look skinnier that sounds really interesting.

Many celebrities opt for hairstyles according to the shape of their face. We should always go for those haircuts that complement our face here is the list of ways that can make you look skinnier.

Curly hairs

Hairstyles That Can Actually Make You Look Skinnier2

Curly hairs or wavy hairs can make you look much skinnier. This hairstyle gives the illusion of a thinner face by making a broader face look narrower.

Short or long wavy hairs both can make you look skinnier. Medium haircuts for women can also work with curly hairs to make you look skinnier.

Highlighting your hairs

Whether you have long or short hair highlighting them can be a very good option. Highlights frame your face in such a way that it can make you look slim.

Highlights with brighter colors can actually create a thinning line around the edges of your face making it look a lot skinnier.


A boring straight haircut looks dull and does not get you the desired hairstyle. The texture, on the other hand, makes your face look narrower with defined jawlines

Next time you visit a hair salon make sure to add some texture to your haircut so that you get what you want a perfect skinny face.

Longer hairs

Long hairs are a better option than short haircuts because short hair make your face look fat as it makes the face look rounder that is why we need to cut the right length in order to make yourself look skinnier.

Long hairs allow you to work with your options of coloring them, highlighting them, giving them textures and layers but with short hairs, you have limited options.


A nice way to look skinnier and cute at the same time is the face-framing layers. Cutting your hairs into layers has more benefits than you thought.

Layer haircut can help your face look elongated as a result, you have the look you were expecting. In the battle of long vs short hair makes you look skinnier the long hairs mostly win but getting a right short haircut can also help in getting the look that you are expecting.

Hairstyles That Can Actually Make You Look Skinnier3

Asymmetrical Bob cut

This cut is a bit tricky for shorter hairs. Asymmetrical Bob cut can be a unique style that you can experiment with.

This haircut can make you look skinnier because your hairs will be longer in the front and shorter at the back giving an illusion of an elongated face. This hairstyle can be definitely tried for a change.

If you are bored with usual cuts and are looking for alternatives these are some of the ways with which you can achieve a slimmer looking face and a skinnier you.

Book an appointment in your favourite hair salon and chop off your hairs to one of the options above and be amazed!